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Just Ordered my copy from Drivethrurpg and go the pdf and the premium hardcopy version.  At this point I have skimmed through the whole book and I have read several chapters at length, I like what I have seen so far and will be posting a full review in the next few days.


I have a player in one of my groups who doesn’t like horror games yet plays in World of Darkness and has run Ravenloft.

Confused yet?

What they meant to say was they don’t like gore and because they are a parent don’t like it when things happen to children.  Okay so just say that.  Do not render a whole genre useless cause you have a couple of issues with common tropes of it, I am happy to work around your issues as long as they don’t completely hamstring me. If I am running a modern campaign it will most likely have a horror element (to be fair most of my stuff does anyway) but I am not going to run Friday the 13th the RPG.  That would be difficult to pull off well given the genre constraints.  Not something I am looking to do right now.  Now what if I had a group that was to investigate the aftermath of a slasher killing spree and try to hunt down and get rid of the cause or deal with a found footage film, that could be interesting and good for a group in the World of Darkness. Werewolves get wind of some kind of undead Wyrm creature haunting a local summer camp and killing the councilors is right up their ally to go in and stomp it into the ground, or a group of Mages are gathered together to investigate the events found on a mysterious tape that has appeared recently.   I could also run either scenario with Call of Cthulhu I would just have to hold back a little bit so I don’t outright kill the group.

RPGs are basically power fantasies and Horror usually removes the power cause it doesn’t work well unless you are helpless.  I tend to bill my stuff as Horror when I run the World of Darkness but realistically I am doing Dark Fantasy because I allow the players to deal with the menace.

Just had to get that off my chest,


First game after Disney and it was a blast to run, I thank all my players for a good time.

We open the scenario with Johnny Black trying to decide what to do next with his little book so He decides to talk with the Deuce again about if he is ready or not.  The Deuce is disappointed in his indecision and prods him a bit father to go the distance and give himself over to the book.  He ends up telling his Cabal mates about the whole situation and that he has decided to sacrifice a puppy to the book to learn more of its power, with no surprise they are adamant about not using the book and either getting rid of the thing or trying to destroy it.  Together they formulate a plan to turn it over to Mr. Cameron who will get it to his master to destroy or get rid of the book.  The Cabal returns to Johnny’s Library just in time to see the book teleport away like it was being deconstructed and brought into the Matrix.  Attempting to track the book proves to be impossible as they do not have enough Correspondence Magick to break the wards the other Mage had set in place.  The Cabal rushes to speak with the Deuce over this and he outright tells them that he had contacted his ally the Green Dragon about Johnny’s second thoughts and that she had removed the book till he truly becomes worthy again.  As a test The Deuce instructs Johnny to kill Trench Coat, he didn’t try and Deuce was disappointed in Johnny yet again.  Since he could not kill Trench Coat he gave him a simpler task go to a local hospital and head into the maternity ward and bring him a newborn child.  The thought seemed to resonate with Johnny a bit but his fellow Cabal mates were having none of it.

Being still wounded from when they recovered the book they decided to lay low for a week or so and think up what to do next when they were attacked again by the Ghost, this time it almost killed Vega before they were able to disperse it.  Crow took Vega into the desert to meet with her mentor and friend Bear, a skilled practitioner of Life Magick who was able to heal Vega and send them on their way but he has something for them to do in return.  Trench Coat and Johnny started to make their way toward one of the hospitals to investigate more on what The Green Dragon or The Deuce may want with a child and ran afoul of a local cabby.  Johnny then decides to use Uber for a ride, a black 4 Door Cadillac CTS  shows up, scanning it for life proves to have no effect, the slightly pale driver dressed in a black hat, black trench coat, black tie, black shirt, black pants, and of course mirror shades, turns his head towards the 2 Mages and states “My name is Special Agent John Courage, and I have a matter that I need your assistance with.”

I awarded 3 XP for the Night’s Game

I got home early last week from my Epic Disney Adventure and I must say I think I am done with Disney World for a while, Star Wars Land may change my mind bu I spent close to 2 weeks in Disney and I think that was enough for a bit.  I do still love the place don’t get me wrong, just 2 weeks was enough for a while.

Now the great thing about Disney is it really gave me a great idea for a potential comic or a Changeling the Dreaming Campaign, I have not decided as of yet.  I will be posting some of my concept stuff in the next few weeks, I have begin working with a friend where we both trying to inspire each other to do more work with comics we shall see how far that goes.

I have gotten back into gaming almost as soon as I got back, I ran my Mage game on Wednesday night, I still need to write my recap for the night but it went well.  Last night I also got to play in my friends Pathfinder game which was great to actually play again, my Barbarian killed lots of Trolls, this made me happy.

More updates to come,


Tomorrow at this time if all goes well I should be in Florida enjoying the hospitality of the Mouse.  As much as I love the World of Darkness and Horror, I am a sucker for Disney.  I will be spending 12 days in Disney with my girlfriend trying not to have issues with heat, blisters, getting mauled by rabid Disney fans trying to see Elsa, etc.  I probably won’t be posting much for the next week or so but I don’t think anyone is really reading this yet anyway so it doesn’t really matter.  This Blog is basically for me anyway.

I saw Sinister 2 recently and I have been sitting on my thoughts for it.  I loved the first movie and thought it was probably the best horror film of 2012. The second was interesting on its face but failed to really drive home the terror of the original.  Admittedly the snuff films of the new films were quite brutal but didn’t really have the horror of the original, although the last one was quite good.  The film had good atmosphere but the direction was way to “Children of the Corn”, there is a ton you can do with this series I would not have gone “Children on the Corn/ Village of the Damned”.  The direction they took struck me as too easy, I would have expanded the mythos more and tried not retread an old movie.  It would have been cool with a minor reference to it but that is about it.  Now what did the movie do right as I do not want to just bash the film I do not like to just do negative reviews.  The film being a sequel has issues because it is a sequel it basically ha an unfair mark against because of that so I will set that aside if it does something very simple; It must forward the plot. Sinister 2 does forward the plot, it moves the action to a new location, introduces new characters, and uses a character from the original in a new way.  Point of note there are only 2 characters from the original that return to this film one is the villain.  The next thing it did right (SPOILER ALERT FROM THIS POINT ON!!!) was that it had survivors, this is not an absolute must in a horror movie but lately there have been lots of films that have what gamers affectionately refer to as a T.P.K. or a Total Party Kill; I am looking at you “Paranormal Activity”.  Now the characters that survived did not get out unscathed, they were definitely damaged from the experience.  The third thing is did right and the thing I have been waiting for with numerous other horror films, again I am looking right at you “Paranormal Activity”, the characters tried to fight the Bagul.  They did not face it directly but fought it through one of its agent’s.  I have been waiting for that in a horror film since I was a kid.  There are very few films that really show the character fighting back and when they do it is usually at the end of the film.  This movie had a character right from the start that was hunting the entity and doing what ever he could to stop it from manifesting again.  This goes with my whole idea that if you have something like this you will attract the opposite eventually that is going to hunt it.  Admittedly this would change the feel of the film from a horror film to an adventure or action fantasy but I think I am okay with this.  Those 3 little things made the movie work for me.  My final grade on it would be a C-, if you liked the first one and are curious about the second wait for video, a true diehard fan will most likely be disappointed in the film.

Ever have the thought to run in or play in a White Wolf Zoo Game, basically allowing everything from the World of Darkness into the mix.  I have definitely thought about this and my buddy Rick even ran one for a bit he called Traveling White Wolf where he would play as an almost pickup game in places for people.  Using that thought I figured it might be kind of fun to resurrect  that idea when I don’t have enough people to run my typical game.  I could easily come up with quick adventures for people to play in and things that could get different groups interested in.  I would use a NPC contact that works with the different supernaturals of the city and who hears about things, they pass the info around to the player’s contacts and head off to investigate or are called directly by this person.  Now here is the fun part, I think I could pull this off with the cWoD but would it be better to use the nWoD?  I prefer the setting to the cWoD but the new one has the better rules for it.  I mean cross over wasn’t ignored in the cWoD but the systems were not designed with it in mind eve though several books were released with crossover in mind.  The nWoD was designed that way making it probably the better system to run for a crossover game.  I could check out all the conversion stuff Onyx Path put out but in all honesty it is not worth it for a pickup game and I don’t want to spend the money on the books.  This whole debate I am having is not really worth it for a pickup game but I like running a good solid game so I debate about it.  I would probably go with the cWoD because I know it better, the new one I need to read allot more of, I own a lot of it but I have not studied it the way I have the cWoD. So I will probably give the old “Midnight Circus” book a read through again and see what they talk about for crossover and go from there.  Now for the real question would you allow a Wraith in a zoo game?  I would probably let in someone from Orpheus or a Risen but a Wraith might be hard let alone who plays the Shadow?  Well thoughts worth exploring if it ever comes up with my group.

I have been thinking lately about running a classic Vampire: the Masquerade game set in either Chicago and use the whole Chicago Chronicles set of book for the backstory or set it in my Awakened Vegas setting that I have been using for Mage.  Both are good choices and have plenty of options, I am actually surprised that there was no Vegas by Night book it strikes me as incredibly appropriate for Vampire.  The main benefit of running in Vegas over Chicago is the group will have familiarity with the setting and some of the Vampires of the city have shown up already in the Mage Chronicle, also I control just about everything with the setting.  Now I could change things in the Chicago books as it is fun to just use bare bones or just make it all up but one of the reasons I chose to use a setting book is to have a good basis set for me to work with and Chicago definitely gives a good solid base. Chicago also gives me the ability to at some point in time run a Werewolf: the Apocalypse  game in the area and go through “Under a Blood Red Moon” and really shake things up, then go back to Chicago for a finale adventure giving it a good trilogy feel to the game.  I could also run the Werewolf Chronicle as I do the Vampire Chronicle and use the Vampire side of things to coincide with the story, I will have to make adjustments to make sure the groups do not meet or cross cause I would probably run the Werewolf side for my Sunday group cause I got a player there who won’t play Vampire because he feels they should all be evil, Werewolves no issue.  So I got some choices I to make and think about.

Quick shot of my Gaming Library along with other stuff.library 2

The Left Side is primarily Dungeons and Dragons Stuff along with Pathfinder with some misc games. The middle and bottom Left is cWoD and nWod.  The Bottom right finishes out the nWoD, Exalted, Trinity, Scion, Warhammer 40k RPGs, and some misc stuff.  The Right Side is Cthulhu, GURPS, Star Wars, Supers, and misc stuff.  The top is mostly box sets and Warhammer stuff.

These are the after game notes I compile for the group after the session as kind of a recap of the session for the players, I need to make a few adjustments as I lost one of the characters names and I need to correct that.  The character referred to as Trench Coat has not formally give his name to the Cabal so the character Trent has taken to calling him Trench Coat.  I found it amusing so it stuck. I typically post these to the facebook group I am a part of for the players to have and so I have  a running total of XP per session.  Some entries are longer than others.  tHis compiles the first 3 sessions of the Chronicle “Awakened Vegas”.

Your Story Begins Here and Now

Master Eric Weisz one of the few Master Mages still around and member of the Order of Hermes was able to take control of Las Vegas and instill a simple rule for all to follow.

“You Shall Make No War within City Limits”.

All Denizens of the City agreed but some did require some convincing. The Technocracy had a mishap on their Air Force Base outside the City where several buildings were leveled in a freak lightning storm and tornado. Since then Las Vegas has become a haven for the supernatural denizens of the world a free city lead by one of the only Master Mages remaining.

Several new members of the Magick community were invited to a lavish dinner at the invitation of a Kevin Cameron, the apprentice of Master Eric Weisz. Kevin passed on information that his mentor was interested in Napier Court, a haunted basketball court located on Block 16. He wants to know how plausible it would be to convert the court to a usable Node that could be beneficial to the Mage community. He has offered a favor in return for this investigation.

Quickly the group determined that converting the location on their own would be insanely difficult and would require knowledge and power beyond their capacity but the court did intrigue them. Crow took it upon herself to study the place first and saw several people purposely avoiding the court, crossing the street to the other side to avoid it, looking away from it, etc… The only one standing near the court was a possible gang member who was leaning near the entry way into the court but not on the court itself. She also noted that graffiti in the area seemed to represent a Green Dragon motif to it. The final thing that was noteworthy to the young Mage was the underground club nearby using the old Arizona; it gave off a strange vibe to her.

While she was investigating the wizard Johnny Black began researching what he had into the court. Through some old news clippings he had on the place to some books on spirits he determined that it was a dark node of some power. He found that before the court was there it was an old tenement building that was torn down after some gruesome murders were discovered. The 7 bodies found had been chewed on by something. He also found a name of a woman that was integral to creating the court a Miss. Esther Kaiden. Since its creation it seems to be home to all manner of ghost, goblin, and other horrible thing that goes bump in the night.

Crow and Johnny decided to meet with the other 2 dinner mates at the court. Crow joins Trent Vega the co-owner of “The Devil’s Fruit” at his club with the other guest who Trent has lovingly referred to as Trench-coat. They met with Johnny a couple of blocks from the court and move in to check it out. Crow pops the lock on a rundown apartment building across the way and makes her way to the roof where she takes a sniper position on the court and opens up a communication line with Trent on his mobile phone. From the roof she sees mist gathering over the court which was not seen below with dark shapes moving about inside of it. The others see a teenage boy rocking himself back in forth at the far end of the court and move to investigate, the boy is dressed in what appear to be gang colors of some form. Johnny reaches out with his mind to see what is there and finds a presence that is no longer human, at that point the boy stands up and it is notices that his intestines are on hiss outside and the spirit begins moving towards them. Crow thinking quickly enacts a spell to bring forth more light into the area and blasts a quick shot from her rifle and striking a dim street light enhancing its strength slightly. Trench-coat and Johnny turn tail and run. Vega not being an idiot; follows. The ghost does not pursue.

Escaping from the court Johnny decides to check out the Arizona Club across the way, he nods to the bouncer and enters in. Seeing various forms of drug use and other debauchery he makes his way to the back of the club where a gaunt corpse like man is sitting on a beat up recliner sitting like he is holding court over the events that are transpiring within his gaze. The others follow suit most moving to eventually join Johnny but Vega stays near the entrance. The being introduces himself as The Deuce. He exchanges a few bits of information with Johnny about Esther Kaiden and her current whereabouts and what depravity he is most interested in. Crow soon discovers that the entity is possessing a mortal man which interests Johnny to see if he can contact the hosts mind. He succeeds through some simple spell work but The Deuce tells him that he enjoys his company now and that he should back off. They end up parting amicably from the club. Johnny informs the group to what the being is interested in which sets off their nerves on how to proceed next if they want to deal with this Bane.

3xp was awarded for the Evening.

The cabal investigated the basketball court again and the area around it. They found that the court is sending out a pillar of energy only for it to return darker a few moments later. They also consulted with some local vampires, did some shopping for some forbidden things, and investigated a haunted house. The haunting has latched onto the group as well.  A member of the Technocracy also met with the group about the dead agents that were discovered in the house.  He gave the name George Carreau and made it clear he was not interested in making friends.

3XP was Awarded for the Evening.

The newly formed Cabal has decided to investigate 2 other areas of strange happenings, the First being an abandoned Asylum about 2 hours outside of the City proper called The Anderson County Hospital. The hospital is watched over by the stalwart guard named Chuck who is an older man, a bit overweight, probably retired, and doing this to keep himself busy. Trent was able to bribe the group into the Asylum with a promise of booze and maybe a girl every now and then from the club he shares with a fellow Cabal mate who was not too happy with the idea but acquiesced when he realized it is probably the easiest course of action to obtain entrance onto the grounds. Johnny Black then looked into the man’s mind seeing if he knew anything of the book he was searching for. He did not.

Upon entering the asylum they checked a few rooms when Trench coat using his sense for Magick was able to figure out where the book most likely was. Johnny ran for the lower levels giddy for the lost tome. Just before entering the subbasement they heard the sounds of wooden feet upon linoleum floors clicking away above them, slightly shaken they proceeded into the cavernous darkness of the subbasement, several members of the party used their flashlights to assist in traversing the hallway. A brisk walk later and they discover the location of the magickal energy, but are impeded by a wall with no visible doors nearby to enter the room on the other side. Trent looks into the past and is haunted by the vision he sees but is able to discern how to enter the room and like the Fronz triggers the secret door. Crow reaches out with her sense into the darkness of the hidden operating room and discovers that dark magick is coming from an office just off the room. Johnny blasts some light into the room and sees 2 books and a skull covered in wax with an old candle in the head resting on top of them. He proceeds to launch the skull off of the book and take a look at the now discovered Tenebris Libro Vitae the 5th Volume of the Lost Phaden Codex. Johnny seeing the book was locked proceeds to offer the book his own blood to try in open it. The book accepts the offering and unlocks for him. The rest of the group thinking it is time to leave turn to find a tall man dressed in green scrubs and cloaked a bit in the shadows, only the whites of his ringed glasses can be seen clearly, in his right hand he holds a blade known as an Orbitoclast; a surgical instrument used in lobotomies.

The entity then proceeds to try and kill the group, Johnny dives through the creatures feet dodging past its stab. Trench Coat begins calling forth primal energies to send forth a blast, Crow draws her rifle while Trent attempts to knock the creature aside but it does not pay him any mind. Aaron’s Character, because I forget his name, proceeds to try and catch the skull that Crow had saved after Johnny took the book. He fails. The Genus Loci then calls upon its Rage and viciously attacks Johnny striking him with his dagger, with glare he strikes at Trent, rending him for trying to daring to attack him and with a few quick steps he closes on Trench Coat and impales him with the blade. If The Deuce was a bane of Depravity this is a thing is one of Rage. Johnny proceeds to run, the creature strikes again harming Trench Coat further. Spitting out a bit of blood he unleashes a blast of energy knocking the thing back and blowing a hole the size of a basketball through his chest. Crow aims her rifle and blows half of his head off dropping the creature. The Cabal gathers themselves quickly and leaves’ seeing that surgeon is beginning to regenerate its wounds.

Johnny reaches the door first and finds it has been jammed shut, the party catches up as he picks the lock, they are about to exit the hospital when behind them they see 4 life sized wooden artist mannequins staring at them with their featureless faces. Not sticking around to have tea, the group flees the area and heads back to the city. The trip back is mostly quiet; Johnny discovers that the book has locked again and that he must give it more blood to get it open. He begins concocting plans to get the book open again when he desires it. They drive by the remains of the New Frontier Hotel and Casino which they had heard was the subject of strange happenings and possibly a death or 2. The area was filled with workers constructing a new Hotel and Casino so they were unable to enter easily and returned to the club.

Aaron working for Trench Coat summons forth the ghost who belongs to the skull a lunatic named Harry Over, well that is what he calls himself. He references Dr. Pointy as dangerous but otherwise doesn’t give anything useful. The Dreamspeaker proceeds to try and send him back to the shadowlands but decides and succeeds in letting him wander the skinlands here in this club which is what he really meant to do. He then demands $20 from Trench Coat for preforming the ritual; Trench consults with his ATM, Trent who reluctantly gives him the money. Johnny offers a dancer in the club $100 for a pin prick of her blood to try and open the book, she accepts but the book does not open for the offering, through experimentation he finds he must wound himself more severely in order to sate the books thirst. He travels home to study it further in his library.

Through study Johnny determines that the book wants to teach him the ways of the Nephandi and corrupt his soul through sacrifices so it may be more useful in ways, but the power it will offer… It may be worth it. To use the book again he must sacrifice something to it, a minor thing but a living thing no less. What will it ask for next?

The group receives 4xp for the night and you may want to start to think about investing into the Night club as a chantry which is a place of power for you as a group. Something we can discuss next time.

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