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The Left Side is primarily Dungeons and Dragons Stuff along with Pathfinder with some misc games. The middle and bottom Left is cWoD and nWod.  The Bottom right finishes out the nWoD, Exalted, Trinity, Scion, Warhammer 40k RPGs, and some misc stuff.  The Right Side is Cthulhu, GURPS, Star Wars, Supers, and misc stuff.  The top is mostly box sets and Warhammer stuff.

These are the after game notes I compile for the group after the session as kind of a recap of the session for the players, I need to make a few adjustments as I lost one of the characters names and I need to correct that.  The character referred to as Trench Coat has not formally give his name to the Cabal so the character Trent has taken to calling him Trench Coat.  I found it amusing so it stuck. I typically post these to the facebook group I am a part of for the players to have and so I have  a running total of XP per session.  Some entries are longer than others.  tHis compiles the first 3 sessions of the Chronicle “Awakened Vegas”.

Your Story Begins Here and Now

Master Eric Weisz one of the few Master Mages still around and member of the Order of Hermes was able to take control of Las Vegas and instill a simple rule for all to follow.

“You Shall Make No War within City Limits”.

All Denizens of the City agreed but some did require some convincing. The Technocracy had a mishap on their Air Force Base outside the City where several buildings were leveled in a freak lightning storm and tornado. Since then Las Vegas has become a haven for the supernatural denizens of the world a free city lead by one of the only Master Mages remaining.

Several new members of the Magick community were invited to a lavish dinner at the invitation of a Kevin Cameron, the apprentice of Master Eric Weisz. Kevin passed on information that his mentor was interested in Napier Court, a haunted basketball court located on Block 16. He wants to know how plausible it would be to convert the court to a usable Node that could be beneficial to the Mage community. He has offered a favor in return for this investigation.

Quickly the group determined that converting the location on their own would be insanely difficult and would require knowledge and power beyond their capacity but the court did intrigue them. Crow took it upon herself to study the place first and saw several people purposely avoiding the court, crossing the street to the other side to avoid it, looking away from it, etc… The only one standing near the court was a possible gang member who was leaning near the entry way into the court but not on the court itself. She also noted that graffiti in the area seemed to represent a Green Dragon motif to it. The final thing that was noteworthy to the young Mage was the underground club nearby using the old Arizona; it gave off a strange vibe to her.

While she was investigating the wizard Johnny Black began researching what he had into the court. Through some old news clippings he had on the place to some books on spirits he determined that it was a dark node of some power. He found that before the court was there it was an old tenement building that was torn down after some gruesome murders were discovered. The 7 bodies found had been chewed on by something. He also found a name of a woman that was integral to creating the court a Miss. Esther Kaiden. Since its creation it seems to be home to all manner of ghost, goblin, and other horrible thing that goes bump in the night.

Crow and Johnny decided to meet with the other 2 dinner mates at the court. Crow joins Trent Vega the co-owner of “The Devil’s Fruit” at his club with the other guest who Trent has lovingly referred to as Trench-coat. They met with Johnny a couple of blocks from the court and move in to check it out. Crow pops the lock on a rundown apartment building across the way and makes her way to the roof where she takes a sniper position on the court and opens up a communication line with Trent on his mobile phone. From the roof she sees mist gathering over the court which was not seen below with dark shapes moving about inside of it. The others see a teenage boy rocking himself back in forth at the far end of the court and move to investigate, the boy is dressed in what appear to be gang colors of some form. Johnny reaches out with his mind to see what is there and finds a presence that is no longer human, at that point the boy stands up and it is notices that his intestines are on hiss outside and the spirit begins moving towards them. Crow thinking quickly enacts a spell to bring forth more light into the area and blasts a quick shot from her rifle and striking a dim street light enhancing its strength slightly. Trench-coat and Johnny turn tail and run. Vega not being an idiot; follows. The ghost does not pursue.

Escaping from the court Johnny decides to check out the Arizona Club across the way, he nods to the bouncer and enters in. Seeing various forms of drug use and other debauchery he makes his way to the back of the club where a gaunt corpse like man is sitting on a beat up recliner sitting like he is holding court over the events that are transpiring within his gaze. The others follow suit most moving to eventually join Johnny but Vega stays near the entrance. The being introduces himself as The Deuce. He exchanges a few bits of information with Johnny about Esther Kaiden and her current whereabouts and what depravity he is most interested in. Crow soon discovers that the entity is possessing a mortal man which interests Johnny to see if he can contact the hosts mind. He succeeds through some simple spell work but The Deuce tells him that he enjoys his company now and that he should back off. They end up parting amicably from the club. Johnny informs the group to what the being is interested in which sets off their nerves on how to proceed next if they want to deal with this Bane.

3xp was awarded for the Evening.

The cabal investigated the basketball court again and the area around it. They found that the court is sending out a pillar of energy only for it to return darker a few moments later. They also consulted with some local vampires, did some shopping for some forbidden things, and investigated a haunted house. The haunting has latched onto the group as well.  A member of the Technocracy also met with the group about the dead agents that were discovered in the house.  He gave the name George Carreau and made it clear he was not interested in making friends.

3XP was Awarded for the Evening.

The newly formed Cabal has decided to investigate 2 other areas of strange happenings, the First being an abandoned Asylum about 2 hours outside of the City proper called The Anderson County Hospital. The hospital is watched over by the stalwart guard named Chuck who is an older man, a bit overweight, probably retired, and doing this to keep himself busy. Trent was able to bribe the group into the Asylum with a promise of booze and maybe a girl every now and then from the club he shares with a fellow Cabal mate who was not too happy with the idea but acquiesced when he realized it is probably the easiest course of action to obtain entrance onto the grounds. Johnny Black then looked into the man’s mind seeing if he knew anything of the book he was searching for. He did not.

Upon entering the asylum they checked a few rooms when Trench coat using his sense for Magick was able to figure out where the book most likely was. Johnny ran for the lower levels giddy for the lost tome. Just before entering the subbasement they heard the sounds of wooden feet upon linoleum floors clicking away above them, slightly shaken they proceeded into the cavernous darkness of the subbasement, several members of the party used their flashlights to assist in traversing the hallway. A brisk walk later and they discover the location of the magickal energy, but are impeded by a wall with no visible doors nearby to enter the room on the other side. Trent looks into the past and is haunted by the vision he sees but is able to discern how to enter the room and like the Fronz triggers the secret door. Crow reaches out with her sense into the darkness of the hidden operating room and discovers that dark magick is coming from an office just off the room. Johnny blasts some light into the room and sees 2 books and a skull covered in wax with an old candle in the head resting on top of them. He proceeds to launch the skull off of the book and take a look at the now discovered Tenebris Libro Vitae the 5th Volume of the Lost Phaden Codex. Johnny seeing the book was locked proceeds to offer the book his own blood to try in open it. The book accepts the offering and unlocks for him. The rest of the group thinking it is time to leave turn to find a tall man dressed in green scrubs and cloaked a bit in the shadows, only the whites of his ringed glasses can be seen clearly, in his right hand he holds a blade known as an Orbitoclast; a surgical instrument used in lobotomies.

The entity then proceeds to try and kill the group, Johnny dives through the creatures feet dodging past its stab. Trench Coat begins calling forth primal energies to send forth a blast, Crow draws her rifle while Trent attempts to knock the creature aside but it does not pay him any mind. Aaron’s Character, because I forget his name, proceeds to try and catch the skull that Crow had saved after Johnny took the book. He fails. The Genus Loci then calls upon its Rage and viciously attacks Johnny striking him with his dagger, with glare he strikes at Trent, rending him for trying to daring to attack him and with a few quick steps he closes on Trench Coat and impales him with the blade. If The Deuce was a bane of Depravity this is a thing is one of Rage. Johnny proceeds to run, the creature strikes again harming Trench Coat further. Spitting out a bit of blood he unleashes a blast of energy knocking the thing back and blowing a hole the size of a basketball through his chest. Crow aims her rifle and blows half of his head off dropping the creature. The Cabal gathers themselves quickly and leaves’ seeing that surgeon is beginning to regenerate its wounds.

Johnny reaches the door first and finds it has been jammed shut, the party catches up as he picks the lock, they are about to exit the hospital when behind them they see 4 life sized wooden artist mannequins staring at them with their featureless faces. Not sticking around to have tea, the group flees the area and heads back to the city. The trip back is mostly quiet; Johnny discovers that the book has locked again and that he must give it more blood to get it open. He begins concocting plans to get the book open again when he desires it. They drive by the remains of the New Frontier Hotel and Casino which they had heard was the subject of strange happenings and possibly a death or 2. The area was filled with workers constructing a new Hotel and Casino so they were unable to enter easily and returned to the club.

Aaron working for Trench Coat summons forth the ghost who belongs to the skull a lunatic named Harry Over, well that is what he calls himself. He references Dr. Pointy as dangerous but otherwise doesn’t give anything useful. The Dreamspeaker proceeds to try and send him back to the shadowlands but decides and succeeds in letting him wander the skinlands here in this club which is what he really meant to do. He then demands $20 from Trench Coat for preforming the ritual; Trench consults with his ATM, Trent who reluctantly gives him the money. Johnny offers a dancer in the club $100 for a pin prick of her blood to try and open the book, she accepts but the book does not open for the offering, through experimentation he finds he must wound himself more severely in order to sate the books thirst. He travels home to study it further in his library.

Through study Johnny determines that the book wants to teach him the ways of the Nephandi and corrupt his soul through sacrifices so it may be more useful in ways, but the power it will offer… It may be worth it. To use the book again he must sacrifice something to it, a minor thing but a living thing no less. What will it ask for next?

The group receives 4xp for the night and you may want to start to think about investing into the Night club as a chantry which is a place of power for you as a group. Something we can discuss next time.

So as I said before back in 2004 White Wolf decided to blow up the World of Darkness.  They announced it at GenCon back in 2003 with this video.  Ah memories, I was at the event, got my free T-Shirt, and I think I was the only one who cheered for Mage in the whole crowd.  They had an after party at some club that night.  I don’t remember the name of it now.  Anyway they had these signs which were unveiled during the video and I kind of liked them and I wanted to run the Time of Judgement so I made sure to grab one of the leaflets they had at the booth that listed them all.  I still have it.  I never did finish that chronicle.  I don’t think the group was really into it anyway.  Fast Forward to now and I want to run in the World of Darkness  again; how do I justify those 4 books I spent money on?  Well I could just ignore them but I spent money on them so I want some use out of them.  I could play it as something happened but it was not as bad as it was predicted to be; this might work.  I could run post apocalyptic and see how society might have changed in response to the End Times; interesting but far too much work.  So I decided to run with the second choice; some bad stuff happened but it was not as bad as was predicted.  I believe this is what Onyx Path is talking about with Vampire: the Masquerade 4th Edition.  I could have probably come up with more options but this seemed to work for me.  I then took the neat little prophecy and wrote a few notes explaining how it worked in my version of things.

World of Darkness: Awakened Vegas

Background Information


The Technocracy, they are the Traditions greatest enemy. On July 4, 1999 they showed their power and the length to which they were willing to use it when they detonated 3 enhanced neutron bombs over India in order to destroy something referred to as Ravana the Demon-King. The resulting blasts destroyed at least 2 incredibly powerful Kuei-Jin (Eastern Vampires) as well. A third withdrew before the bombs were dropped. Some believed that the bombs were not enough to destroy the Demon-King and it was the light of the sun that finally finished the creature. Whatever is the truth the bombs did so much damage that nothing can exist there in the spirit world or the real. This concluded what has been called “The Week of Nightmares”.

Since that day people have held signs and vigils for the city that was annihilated in the blast “Remember Bangladesh”.

In the First Sign: Dawn Wars with Dusk and a Great Conflagration Ensues.

The turn of the century proved to be a troubling time for the different supernatural entities of the world, after the week of nightmares and in response to the Technocracy’s attack in Bangladesh the sixth great maelstrom ripped through the spirit world almost completely destroying it. When the dust finally settled a red star appeared in the far reaches of the Umbra only visible to those who could witness the spirit world. Master Mages called it Telos and believed it held the secret to the fabled 10th Sphere of Magick and the final gateway to Ascension. They made preparations to visit the star and learn its secrets.

The greatest seers of the Vampires also noticed that deep in the spirit world the Red Star rose in the west. They called it Wormwood and believed Caine’s return was now undeniable. Vampires across the world had begun warring more amongst themselves trying to eradicate what were called “The Thin Blooded” who could not sire a Kindred in the traditional sense but could mate with the living and produce a “Half-Damned or Dhampir”. They believed that this would herald the end of their world and the return of their great progenitor who would bring about Gehenna.

The Werewolves also took note of the Red Star, they called it Anthelios (The Anti-Sun) and felt the Wyrm had finally laid the ground work for the Last Battle and the Apocalypse was finally upon them. They also had a strange creature in their midst at least according to rumor the flawless child of 2 Garou called the “Perfect Metis” was born on July 4, 1999. Typically the child of werewolves is deformed in some way hence it is a violation of the first tenant of the Litany “Garou shall not mate with Garou”. The “Death Song of the Croatan” had finally come true.

In the Second Sign: The Blood Runs Thin and Creatures Unknown Rise.

A couple of years passed, the world moved on but slowly a small amount of people started to realize they were not alone. The most savage and distraught of the dead had found a way to escape the great maelstrom which still raged across their land and rejoin the world of the living as the walking dead. Those who realized what was happening banded together in online communities and traded secrets on how to hunt these beings, they also spoke of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Others all hiding right in plain sight. These Imbued felt a Reckoning was at hand and it was their duty to hunt.

In the Third Sign: The Grave Gives Up the Dead To Fight a War with the Quick.

The Maelstrom seemed to subside in early 2005 and the Great Masters of both the Traditions and the Technocracy began their trip to the Deep Umbra to study the Red Star. November 17, 2005 they arrived and tried to unlock its secrets. They found that the Red Star was not willing to share its knowledge or perhaps it did, perhaps the knowledge could not be understood by even Masters. The Maelstrom returned suddenly in a violent Aftershock and ripped the Masters asunder sending their Avatars screaming across the Umbra and forming the Avatar Storm where the souls of the Masters rip those who venture into the umbra asunder. Those few that stayed behind felt that the Maelstrom had not yet subsided that is was merely the eye of the storm. The resulting Avatar Storm severed the connections to the Horizon Realms across the Umbra trapping Mages and Technocracy alike in different realms far from home with no hope of resupply or return. May 22, 2010 the Avatar Storm Finally subsided and the Red Star could be seen for the first time by Mortals. NASA declared the Red Star stellar object 2010KX76, theorizing it was a reddish-colored comet heading for Earth.

In the Fourth Sign: The Sky Grows Red and the Wisest Fall.

The Avatar Storm had other effects on the Umbral Landscapes as well, in the far reaches of the Underworld a Dead God Stirred once again. Seeing that his “Dark Kingdom of Sand” had been twisted or destroyed by the accursed Maelstrom he once again called upon his faithful. The ancient “Spell of Life” he once used was flawed and so he gave his followers a renewed life through what he believes was a perfected version which cleansed his loyal followers of their curse and destroyed the traitors hiding amongst his people. As a final act he called upon his lost children and through the newly created “Web of Faith” an ancient force rose called “The Undying”.

In the Fifth Sign: The Dead God Rises and Begets His Children.

The Final act of horror the Maelstrom produced was to crack the very gates of Hell itself releasing the imprisoned Devils and Abominations onto the Earth to fight their wars anew. In doing so they sparked a massive Earthquake and riots which on May 22, 2010 tore through Los Angeles forcing Lucifer himself to appear briefly after millennia of convincing the world he did not exist. This was called the “Devil’s Night”.

In the Sixth Sign: The Damned are Loosed and the City of Angeles Trembles and Burns.

Know by these signs that the Time of Judgement is upon you for when they come to pass the End will come.

As you can see I pushed out the timeline and if you know the White Wolf Metaplot I changed a few things around but it works for me and that is all that matters.  I also liked how Mark Rein Hagen, the creator of the World of Darkness, had basically said the idea of the game was basically a campaign world that was frozen where the book ended so your chronicle could begin.  One of his initial ideas was to move the timeline along with a new edition every 5 years or so.  If you want to see the Interview where he talks about this check it out here.  As of right now this is what I am using for the background of my game world, I am not sure how long I will be sticking around in Vegas after this current Chronicle as I have had a few ideas for running in Chicago but we will see.

Lately on Wednesday nights I have been running a Mage: the Ascension game published formally by White Wolf Publishing for a group of friends set in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am using the old Splat book the Fallen Tower: Las Vegas along with Destiny’s Price as my major sources for the background info on the campaign.   We have had 3 sessions so far and everyone seems to be having a good time.  Surprisingly or not surprisingly given the fickle nature of gaming this is the first foray into the World of Darkness for the majority of the group.  The World of Darkness (cWoD) officially ended back in 2004 and the new World of Darkness (nWoD) that followed never caught on like the old one did.  Whether it was because people liked the old setting more or if people felt betrayed for having to buy all new books because their 13 years old collections are now obsolete, or some other reason it doesn’t really matter, the World of Darkness has fallen into obscurity for most modern gamers.  Hopefully with the effort Onyx Path is putting into rebuilding both the New and the Classic Worlds of Darkness it will make a comeback.  Now I do not mind the nWoD, I own several books from it, probably around 60, but strangely enough I have never played it, I have run it a few times, mostly Mage: the Awakening, but I prefer the cWoD.

I am also planning on running the third chapter to my Asian Chronicle I began in 2000 with Werewolf: the Apocalypse using the Hengeyokai Splat book.  The Chronicle focused on the Japanese Excalibur called Grasscutter and was inspired a bit by Stan Sakai story of the same name Featuring his Rabbit Samurai Usagi Yojimbo.  I borrowed a few plot elements and characters like Inazuma and Jei along with the titular sword and weaved them into the setting.  The second chronicle was about the forging of the sword and how it may have had a twin blade, this story was not inspired by the sequel story by Sakai and was my original take on it.  I used Kindred of the East in this case to tell the tale.  I have also run a one shot adventure where I used Demon Hunter X and preformed the final fight with Jei while the characters of the original chronicle were fighting to reclaim a lost Caern that had fallen to the Centipede.  The characters succeeded and were able to defeat the blade of the gods and reclaim the sword while the fight for the Caern raged.  The Pack was then able to assault the Centipedes Stronghold and defeat it.  The resulting loss has weakened the hold the Centipede held in Japan but it also crippled the shifter population of the country as well.  So now I am gearing up for my possible last foray into Asia where I will be running Mage: the Ascension.  Even though I am calling it Grasscuter 3 the sword will probably not play a direct role in this chronicle at all, its more for consistency and how I organize the many notebooks I write chronicles in.

Now for games I currently play in, I am active in 2 games.  the first is a Star Wars Saga Edition game by WoTC that is now out of print and has been replaced by the Fantasy Flight version of the game.  I play a young smuggler and Ace Pilot who is studying the ways of the Force.  I also play a Barbarian warrior in a Pathfinder game that technically meets every other Saturday but because of life doesn’t always.

For years I have kept this site around for use of creating and running a webcomic, I have decided that this is probably not my calling so I am going to make use of the domain and talk about stuff I like.  So expect to see Reviews of movies, games (mostly tabletop but some videogames will be included), comics, books, and other things as well as sketches, one off comics, possibly a short film or 2, and info on the Tabletop RPGs I run and play in.

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