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I have always loved SF and this was another stab at trying a SF comic.  I drew these about a year ago and I have been trying to figure out where to go with it.page1 page2 page3 page4page5 page6altpage5

Here are the links to the movie I made along with the trailer.  We ended up getting Best Use of Lines at the awards ceremony.  This is the contest that we participated in.



So I have been talking mainly about White Wolf Games lately and I am both concerned and excited that Paradox Interactive has bought the license to the classic games I love, but where does that leave Onyx Path?  Only time will tell I guess.  Well what I have been thinking about lately? I am debating on running the new Fantasy Flight Star Wars game, well newest since it has been out for a few years now”.  My plot is this using Edge of the Empire as my base and beginning on Tatooine, of course, the players witness the remains of a certain Correlian Corvette crash into the planet while they are out scavenging crap to buy their way off this rock.  Basically instead of the Tantive IV being disabled by Vader’s Star Destroyer it is shot down and crashes into the planet changing up the first movie quite a bit.  My biddy Sam refers to this as Anti-Cannon.  I kind of like that word for it and so I am going to go with it.  So that is my initial setup for the game, hopefully it will get run.

Well I changed my hours at work so I can work nights and make more money and pretty much haven’t gamed in weeks because of it.  No big deal in the long run, I will find a way to do it.  I have read through the big purple book of doom also known as Mage 20, and I made a short film for the 48 hour film challenge.  I directed the Napalm Luck Entry into the contest and will post a link to it when I can.  I also started to work on a new piece of animation that I hope to have up in the near future, it should be viewable on my YouTube Channel.

Direct Link to the animation, nothing major its about 4 seconds long and is just text.



Just Ordered my copy from Drivethrurpg and go the pdf and the premium hardcopy version.  At this point I have skimmed through the whole book and I have read several chapters at length, I like what I have seen so far and will be posting a full review in the next few days.


I have a player in one of my groups who doesn’t like horror games yet plays in World of Darkness and has run Ravenloft.

Confused yet?

What they meant to say was they don’t like gore and because they are a parent don’t like it when things happen to children.  Okay so just say that.  Do not render a whole genre useless cause you have a couple of issues with common tropes of it, I am happy to work around your issues as long as they don’t completely hamstring me. If I am running a modern campaign it will most likely have a horror element (to be fair most of my stuff does anyway) but I am not going to run Friday the 13th the RPG.  That would be difficult to pull off well given the genre constraints.  Not something I am looking to do right now.  Now what if I had a group that was to investigate the aftermath of a slasher killing spree and try to hunt down and get rid of the cause or deal with a found footage film, that could be interesting and good for a group in the World of Darkness. Werewolves get wind of some kind of undead Wyrm creature haunting a local summer camp and killing the councilors is right up their ally to go in and stomp it into the ground, or a group of Mages are gathered together to investigate the events found on a mysterious tape that has appeared recently.   I could also run either scenario with Call of Cthulhu I would just have to hold back a little bit so I don’t outright kill the group.

RPGs are basically power fantasies and Horror usually removes the power cause it doesn’t work well unless you are helpless.  I tend to bill my stuff as Horror when I run the World of Darkness but realistically I am doing Dark Fantasy because I allow the players to deal with the menace.

Just had to get that off my chest,


First game after Disney and it was a blast to run, I thank all my players for a good time.

We open the scenario with Johnny Black trying to decide what to do next with his little book so He decides to talk with the Deuce again about if he is ready or not.  The Deuce is disappointed in his indecision and prods him a bit father to go the distance and give himself over to the book.  He ends up telling his Cabal mates about the whole situation and that he has decided to sacrifice a puppy to the book to learn more of its power, with no surprise they are adamant about not using the book and either getting rid of the thing or trying to destroy it.  Together they formulate a plan to turn it over to Mr. Cameron who will get it to his master to destroy or get rid of the book.  The Cabal returns to Johnny’s Library just in time to see the book teleport away like it was being deconstructed and brought into the Matrix.  Attempting to track the book proves to be impossible as they do not have enough Correspondence Magick to break the wards the other Mage had set in place.  The Cabal rushes to speak with the Deuce over this and he outright tells them that he had contacted his ally the Green Dragon about Johnny’s second thoughts and that she had removed the book till he truly becomes worthy again.  As a test The Deuce instructs Johnny to kill Trench Coat, he didn’t try and Deuce was disappointed in Johnny yet again.  Since he could not kill Trench Coat he gave him a simpler task go to a local hospital and head into the maternity ward and bring him a newborn child.  The thought seemed to resonate with Johnny a bit but his fellow Cabal mates were having none of it.

Being still wounded from when they recovered the book they decided to lay low for a week or so and think up what to do next when they were attacked again by the Ghost, this time it almost killed Vega before they were able to disperse it.  Crow took Vega into the desert to meet with her mentor and friend Bear, a skilled practitioner of Life Magick who was able to heal Vega and send them on their way but he has something for them to do in return.  Trench Coat and Johnny started to make their way toward one of the hospitals to investigate more on what The Green Dragon or The Deuce may want with a child and ran afoul of a local cabby.  Johnny then decides to use Uber for a ride, a black 4 Door Cadillac CTS  shows up, scanning it for life proves to have no effect, the slightly pale driver dressed in a black hat, black trench coat, black tie, black shirt, black pants, and of course mirror shades, turns his head towards the 2 Mages and states “My name is Special Agent John Courage, and I have a matter that I need your assistance with.”

I awarded 3 XP for the Night’s Game

I got home early last week from my Epic Disney Adventure and I must say I think I am done with Disney World for a while, Star Wars Land may change my mind bu I spent close to 2 weeks in Disney and I think that was enough for a bit.  I do still love the place don’t get me wrong, just 2 weeks was enough for a while.

Now the great thing about Disney is it really gave me a great idea for a potential comic or a Changeling the Dreaming Campaign, I have not decided as of yet.  I will be posting some of my concept stuff in the next few weeks, I have begin working with a friend where we both trying to inspire each other to do more work with comics we shall see how far that goes.

I have gotten back into gaming almost as soon as I got back, I ran my Mage game on Wednesday night, I still need to write my recap for the night but it went well.  Last night I also got to play in my friends Pathfinder game which was great to actually play again, my Barbarian killed lots of Trolls, this made me happy.

More updates to come,


Tomorrow at this time if all goes well I should be in Florida enjoying the hospitality of the Mouse.  As much as I love the World of Darkness and Horror, I am a sucker for Disney.  I will be spending 12 days in Disney with my girlfriend trying not to have issues with heat, blisters, getting mauled by rabid Disney fans trying to see Elsa, etc.  I probably won’t be posting much for the next week or so but I don’t think anyone is really reading this yet anyway so it doesn’t really matter.  This Blog is basically for me anyway.

I saw Sinister 2 recently and I have been sitting on my thoughts for it.  I loved the first movie and thought it was probably the best horror film of 2012. The second was interesting on its face but failed to really drive home the terror of the original.  Admittedly the snuff films of the new films were quite brutal but didn’t really have the horror of the original, although the last one was quite good.  The film had good atmosphere but the direction was way to “Children of the Corn”, there is a ton you can do with this series I would not have gone “Children on the Corn/ Village of the Damned”.  The direction they took struck me as too easy, I would have expanded the mythos more and tried not retread an old movie.  It would have been cool with a minor reference to it but that is about it.  Now what did the movie do right as I do not want to just bash the film I do not like to just do negative reviews.  The film being a sequel has issues because it is a sequel it basically ha an unfair mark against because of that so I will set that aside if it does something very simple; It must forward the plot. Sinister 2 does forward the plot, it moves the action to a new location, introduces new characters, and uses a character from the original in a new way.  Point of note there are only 2 characters from the original that return to this film one is the villain.  The next thing it did right (SPOILER ALERT FROM THIS POINT ON!!!) was that it had survivors, this is not an absolute must in a horror movie but lately there have been lots of films that have what gamers affectionately refer to as a T.P.K. or a Total Party Kill; I am looking at you “Paranormal Activity”.  Now the characters that survived did not get out unscathed, they were definitely damaged from the experience.  The third thing is did right and the thing I have been waiting for with numerous other horror films, again I am looking right at you “Paranormal Activity”, the characters tried to fight the Bagul.  They did not face it directly but fought it through one of its agent’s.  I have been waiting for that in a horror film since I was a kid.  There are very few films that really show the character fighting back and when they do it is usually at the end of the film.  This movie had a character right from the start that was hunting the entity and doing what ever he could to stop it from manifesting again.  This goes with my whole idea that if you have something like this you will attract the opposite eventually that is going to hunt it.  Admittedly this would change the feel of the film from a horror film to an adventure or action fantasy but I think I am okay with this.  Those 3 little things made the movie work for me.  My final grade on it would be a C-, if you liked the first one and are curious about the second wait for video, a true diehard fan will most likely be disappointed in the film.

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